Support experiences of mothers with breastfeeding problems: A qualitative study

Aslı Eker, Meltem Aydın Beşen, Sümbüle Köksoy Vayisoğlu


Understanding mothers with problems regarding support is important for planning care, directing interventions, and ensuring the continuity of breastfeeding. This is a qualitative analytic study. Data were collected by using questions about socio-demographic characteristics and semi-structured interview questions. The research sample consisted of 15 mothers who met the participation criteria and volunteered to participate. Most of the mothers stated that they want to be supported when they need it, they want positive support, they do not want to be compared with other mothers and they care about professional support. Social support given without ignoring the feelings and expectations of the woman during the breastfeeding process will positively affect the process. (Afr J Reprod Health 2022; 26[7]: 102-111).

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