Going global: future directions for the Journal

Lindsay Edouard, Friday Okonofua


In June 2024, the African Journal of Reproductive Health will begin its 28th year of publication. The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), held in 1994 in Cairo, was the impetus to start this peer-reviewed learned journal in the context of the anticipated increase in activities relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights in subSaharan Africa, to document achievements and successes while also pinpointing areas requiring remedial actions. Undoubtedly, the Journal has achieved these objectives in many phenomenal respects. First published as a biannual in 1997, the Journal became a quarterly in 2000, bimonthly in 2010, and, since January 2022, has been a monthly. The Journal is now ranked among the most influential in the fields of reproductive health and reproductive medicine not only in Africa1,2 , but worldwide3,4 .

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