Attitudes towards blood donation among students in different health sciences disciplines in Saudi Arabia

Sultan Z. Alasmari


The objective of this research undertaking was to examine the attitudes of King Khalid University undergraduates enrolled in various health disciplines regarding blood donation. Undergraduates of health disciplines participated in this study. The survey questions were administered through Google Forms, and the data was imported into GraphPad Prism for visualization and analytical purposes. A greater proportion of participants were male, with males accounting for 63.2% of the sample, while females accounted for 36.8%. The findings given in this research illustrate a wide range of attitudes regarding the practice of blood donation. A notable percentage of the participants had a favorable predisposition towards engaging in voluntary blood donation. Nevertheless, a significant degree of variability was observed among individuals with regards to their attitudes toward several variables, including fear, motivation, and their preferred location for making donations. The participants expressed negative attitudes against the practice of importing blood and the recognition of personal accountability in engaging in blood donation for the sake of society. One potential solution to address the unfavorable attitudes among students towards blood donation is the implementation of educational programs focused on blood donation and its associated benefits. Additionally, incorporating motivational strategies could further enhance the effectiveness of these initiatives. As a result, this could have a positive impact on students and those in their immediate vicinity. (Afr J Reprod Health 2024; 28 [4]: 71-77).

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