Impact of diet and physical activity on reproductive profile: A comparison of middle-aged and elderly men

Huma Ashraf, Muhammad Sarwar, Mazhar Mushtaq, Syed Imran Ali Shah, Rukhshan Khurshid


Age is a known determinant of reproductive health and fertility in both genders. The present work aims to assess the reproductive hormone profile of a middle-aged and elderly man. For this descriptive cross-sectional study, healthy male subjects (n=77) were recruited from the valley. Any individual suffering from any acute or chronic diseases and on drugs was ruled out from the study. Group A consisted of 40 elderly men between 60-70 years of age, and Group B comprised 37 men between 35-46 years of age. Blood samples were taken to estimate the reproductive hormone profile. Level of oxidant and antioxidant: Malondialdehyde and Glutathione. The demographic variables, which included retrospective and prospective questions, helped to assess the physical activity and diet intake behaviour of all inducted individuals. The analysis of the reproductive profile of both groups was similar and within the normal range of standards. However, the median level of LH was higher in group A than in group B: 6.7 mIU/ml versus 3.4 mIU/ml, respectively, and p<0.003. Both groups showed predominantly involvement in physical activity, >90%. The correlation of biochemical variables gives an insight into the fact that the Mediterranean diet and physical activity help to maintain a normal BMI. These implicate the normal secretion of various hormones, leading to intact spermatogenesis. We can safely deduce from this study that physically active lifestyles and a healthy diet are crucial factors in maintaining an endocrine profile. (Afr J Reprod Health 2024; 28 [4]: 22-29).

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