Factor analysis of quality of life among menopausal women attending primary health centers of Jazan city, KSA

Maseer Khan, Amani Awwadh Alotaibi, Fahad khan Azeez, Khawlah Sultan


Although it looks reasonable to say menopausal women experience significant changes in quality of life, however the period is filled with anxiety and distress. Women can experience an array of symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats, sleep and mood disorders, impaired memory, lack of concentration, nervousness, depression, insomnia, bone and joint complaints Objectives:1. To assess Quality of life in menopausal women attending primary health care centers of Jazan, KSA 2. To conduct factor analysis for the variables affecting quality of life of menopausal women Methodology: A cross-sectional study conducted in primary health centers located in Jazan city. All menopausal women between age of 40-79 years were considered. A predesigned questionnaire drawn from World Health Organization Quality Of Life BREF (WHO QOL BREF) utilized Results: Mean age was 50.02+4.5 (Age + SD) Physical changes domain mean was 1.42+1.46 (mean + SD), greater than other domains and the participants were experiencing physical changes affecting quality of life more than any domain Sexual changes domain mean + SD was 1.21+1.99 and the participants were extremely bothered with symptoms of this domain. Conclusions: Significant shift in health care services is required for improving QOL of menopausal women which continue to be overlooked. (Afr J Reprod Health 2023; 27 [10]: 36- 45).

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