Effect of a psycho-awareness-training program on women's attitude and psychosomatic status post-abortion in Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Rym Hassani, Hammad Fadlalmola, Thanaa Said, Badria AlZahrani, Abdalbasit Mariod


Abortion is a common medical procedure, and women who undergo it often experience negative psychological and physical effects. This study aimed to assess the effect of a psycho-awareness-training program on women's knowledge and psychosomatic status post-abortion in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. a one-group pre- and post-test quasi-experimental design was conducted among 135 eligible women post-abortion. Researchers used an Arabic questionnaire online survey containing items on women's characteristics, knowledge of abortion, and psychosomatic status post-abortion. The majority of the participants were married (95.6%) and had a university degree (58.5%). The total satisfactory knowledge increased significantly from 29.6% at baseline to 91% post-training (p =.000). The proportion of respondents exhibiting high scores on self-confidence and self-esteem decreased significantly, dropping from 47.4% at the baseline to 12.6% after the training. The program also decreased feelings of guilt, isolation, sleep disturbance, problems in married relationships, fear of society's view, and the absence of social support. The psycho-awareness-training program had a positive effect on women's knowledge of abortion and psychosomatic status post-abortion. The program improved selfconfidence and self-esteem while decreasing negative psychological effects. This study emphasizes the importance of providing psychological support and education to women who undergo abortion. (Afr J Reprod Health 2023; 27 [8]: 58-64).

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