The power of empiricism in resolving challenges in health: The case of Southwest Nigeria

Laofe Ogundipe


Knowledge is power. Empirical research is a vital tool to gain knowledge of health challenges and evidence-based practice to manage them. Empirical research is especially important to deal with health-related challenges in contexts where myths can determine the outcome and nature of health behaviour. Research allows us to understand the world around us, disabuse myths, make discoveries, and develop solutions to new and old health challenges in an ever-changing world. It was to demonstrate the importance of empiricism needed to solve various challenges in health that the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Afe Babalola University in Ekiti State, Southwest Nigeria decided to submit 16 pieces of research work to the African Journal of Reproductive Health, for consideration for publication. The assemblage of high-quality papers in this journal shows the diversity of ideas generated by the Faculties in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University, relating to various domains of health challenges prevalent in the immediate environment where the University is located. We believe that this approach will help to galvanize actions and impetus needed to position the University as a frontline institution able to address the multiple health challenges in our region. It will increase the contribution of the university to the available literature in diverse disciplines needed to address challenges related to health and social development.

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Adeyanju BT, Aduloju OP, Awoleke JO, Adefisan AS and Olofinbiyi B. A randomized controlled trial of 12 Hours versus 24 Hours urinary catheter removal following uncomplicated Caesarean section in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Afri J Reprod Health, 2023; 27: 7


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