Legal determination of surrogate child parenthood in China

Zhao Yue


Commercial surrogacy is neither prohibited nor approved in China. As the underground surrogacy market keeps expanding fast, the disputes over parenthood of surrogate child occur more and more frequently. Since there are no specific rules for surrogacy, Chinese courts have to make legal determination by applying current laws. This article firstly analyses the contradictions of existing laws and regulations on natural parenthood when apply them in the cases of surrogacy. In China, since the natural parenthood is built on reproductive connections between parents and child, this article provides a typology of surrogacy in terms of the reproductive role each party has played. By combining it with the case study, the judicial views on different issues are presented. This article further discusses the inadequacies of current legal determination of parenthood, ethical controversies in surrogacy and recommends some suggestions on regulating the surrogacy and protecting the rights and interests of women and children. (Afr J Reprod Health 2022; 26[8]: 134-141).

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