Implementation of assistance for one pregnant woman one cadre (OPOC) in Banjarnegara District, Central Java Province, Indonesia

Sunaryo Sunaryo, Tri Isnani, Eva Lestari, Silvia Apriliana, Ihda Zuyina Ratna Sari


The high maternal mortality rate caused by late detection of risk factors for pregnant women is a major health problem in Banjarnegara District. One of the efforts made to overcome this problem is the implementation of assistance for one pregnant woman by one cadre (OPOC). The application of OPOC consists of four mentoring activities, namely reminders about antenatal care schedule, detecting risk factors, monitoring fetal movements, and carrying out delivery planning and handling complications. Therefore, this study aims to describe the implementation of OPOC as well as to evaluate cadres’ performance in Banjarnegara District. A quantitative cross-sectional design was used, where a total of 200 cadres were selected as respondents using a representative purposive sampling method. The results showed that reminding mothers about their antenatal care schedule, detecting risk factors, monitoring of fetal health through movements, and making commitments for birth planning and complications prevention were carried out by 199 (99.49%), 129 (64.84%), 138 (69.05%), and 159 (79.42%) respondents, respectively. More than 92% of them know their duties and responsibilities as companions for pregnant women, but only 28% have knowledge about the benefits of assisting. Furthermore, 93% often carry out OPOC assistance. The knowledge of cadres about OPOC assistance was good, but some of them are not knowledgeable about its benefits. These findings show that they need guidance, training, and motivation from public health centers. (Afr J Reprod Health 2022; 26[7]: 83-89).

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