Comparison of clinical and ultrasonographic estimation of foetal weight at term and their correlation with birth weight

Joyce C. Ezeugo, Chris O. Agboghoroma, Kamaldeen O. Jimoh


The study compares the accuracy of clinical and ultrasonographic estimation of foetal weight at term in predicting birth weight. It was a prospective comparative study conducted in a tertiary hospital in Abuja, Nigeria between May and August 2018. Three hundred pregnant women planned for delivery were recruited. In-utero clinical estimation of foetal weight was carried out using Dare’s clinical method and sonographic estimation using Hadlock 3 formula. The newborn babies were weighed within 30 minutes of delivery. The difference in the accuracy of the clinical method (75.3%) and the ultrasonographic method (82.3%) was statistically significant (p-value=0.023). The accuracy of the clinical method among parturients whose BMI were <30kg/m2 and ≥30.0kg/m2 were 83.5% and 68.5% respectively while that of the ultrasonographic method were 85.2% and 80% respectively. We conclude that ultrasonographic estimation of foetal weight is more accurate than the clinical method. However clinical method may be used when an ultrasound scan is not accessible. (Afr J Reprod Health 2021; 25[4]: 108-117).

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