Holistic management of female infertility: A systematic review

Deborah Armah, Annatjie van der Wath, Mariatha Yazbek, Florence Naab


Although issues pertaining to infertility affect both males and females, women often become victims of stigmatization and rejection, making them susceptible to emotional pain and suffering. Due to these psychosocial problems, they require not only biomedical treatment, but also psychological, social, and spiritual support. Unfortunately, many women with infertility are not treated holistically. The aim of   this review was to retrieve existing evidence of holistic healthcare interventions for women with infertility. Global databases were searched for articles published anywhere in the world between 2010 to 2018 that explored holistic healthcare interventions for women diagnosed with infertility. A total of 18 articles meeting the inclusion criteria were assessed, and data extraction was performed. Findings revealed that interventions adopted in managing infertile women alongside the bio-medical management included: counseling; cognitive behavioral therapy; acceptance and commitment therapy; educational interventions; spiritual interventions; emotionally focused therapy/intervention and integrative body-mind-spirit interventions. The results of this review have implications for healthcare professionals to ensure holistic care of women diagnosed with infertility in Ghana and Africa at large. (Afr J Reprod Health 2021; 25[2]: 150-161).

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