Anaemia in pregnancy in Southern Tanzania: Prevalence and associated risk factors

Waheeda S.K Kara, Jonathan Chikomele, Magafu M. Mzigaba, Jing Mao, Fabian P. Mghanga


The aim of this study was to screen for and determine the prevalence, severity and determinants of anaemia in pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in south of Tanzania. In this facility-based cross-sectional descriptive study, pregnant women attending antenatal clinics were selected through a convenient non-probability sampling in one district hospital in south of Tanzania. Interviews using standardized questionnaires were conducted, physical examination and determination of haemoglobin levels done. Data analysis was done using SPPS V20.0. A total of 356 pregnant women were included in this analysis. Their mean age was 24.5 ±2.4 years. The mean haemoglobin level was 10.74 ± 1.39g/dL and the point-prevalence of anemia in pregnancy was 46.3%. Pregnant women who had severe anaemia were 14(8.5%), while maternal education status, woman’s occupation, religion, family average monthly income, breastfeeding patterns and parity were all found to be statistically significant independent predictors for maternal anemia in pregnancy. Anaemia in pregnancy is a serious public health problem in south of Tanzania. We recommend strengthening measures to prevent anaemia in pregnant and women of reproductive age in the study area. (Afr J Reprod Health 2020; 24[3]: 154-160).

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