Barriers and Enablers to Task Shifting for Caesarean Sections in sub-Saharan Africa: A Scoping Review

Sheillah Matinhure, Moses J. Chimbari


Task shifting of Caesarean-sections to non-physician clinicians (NPCs) has raised concerns over NPCs‘ competences and rationale of using them in facilities where medical doctors (MDs) are scarce to provide mentorship. We conducted a scoping
review to provide an update on NPCs‘ contribution to C-sections including barriers and enablers to task shifting. Using the PRISMA Flow Diagram, we identified 15 eligible articles from Google Scholar, PubMed and Africa Index Medicus using
specific search terms and a pre-established inclusion criterion. All 15 studies characterised NPCs: their names, training, challenges and enablers to task shifting. NPCs performed 50%-94% C-sections. Outcomes of such C-sections were comparable to those performed by MDs. Enablers included supportive policies, pre-existing human resources for health shortage, wellresourced
health facilities and supervision of NPCs. Weak health systems were major barriers. While NPCs make a significant contribution to accessing C-sections services, there is need to address challenges to fully realize benefits. (Afr J Reprod Health 2019; 23[3]: 149-160).

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